Strength and Conditioning

As a Physiotherapist with a undergraduate qualifications in Strength and Conditioning coaching, Dean can assist you with any sports specific strength and conditioning coaching.

He has experience with program development for mixed martial artists, rugby league players and the every day fitness enthusiast with an interest in strength and conditioning.

Combining the skills and knowledge of physiotherapy, exercise science and strength and conditioning is a recipe for success!

Whether your goals are for a successful return to sport, improvement in your performance, specific injury rehabilitation or you wish to undertake a unique pre-habilitation program, Fighting Fit Physiotherapy will help you reach your full potential.

A full musculoskeletal examination and fitness testing can be done to set an individualised program for your goals.

Train and be coached by a university trained professional with 6 years of undergraduate and post graduate knowlegde and 10 years of physical fitness experience. 


Gold Coast Strength and Conditioning