Are you looking for the edge on your competition?

Do you need more cardiovascular endurance?

Need an exact measure of calories burnt for weight loss?

How VO2 Max Testing Works

A VO2 Max Test (full exertion) or submaximal test (not pushing till you drop) at Fighting Fit will measure your heart rate and oxygen consumption during exercise to determine you exact fitness level.

Not only that, the technology used during the test at Fighting Fit will determine your exact training zones, you know the same ones everyone has based on age and sex.

Well they are just guessing! These can be WAY OFF, as your heart rate zones are so individual and variable that if your training the same as the rest of the world you probably aren't get the result your after!

With a VO2 max/submax test at Fighting Fit, you will have those exact zones, specific to you and your body.

You will have more information then the average punter will know what to do with, but we will show you how to use it and get results!


Read all about it in one of our blogs HERE "Is Metabolic Testing Worth it?"

Whether it is for burning fat for weight loss (yes from this we can determine exactly how many calories, Fats V's Carbs you will burn in those zones) or training to improve your cardiovascular fitness and be able push your cardio up a notch to perform stronger for longer, then this test will help you!

Add a VO2 Max/submax to an RMR test (see more HERE) for the ultimate in exercise performance and weight loss programs.

You will know exactly how many calories your burning at rest and with exercise!

Better yet you combine both tests we can even add a special monitoring app on your phone that is 100% specific to you (not a garmin or polar watch guess) by using the results we obtained from both these tests you will see you zone and what fuel (fat/carb) your using and the calories used.

**Note** if you wish to combine an RMR with your V02 please allow split sessions as an RMR test is fasted and VO2 requires good food/fuel for best performance** Please contact us to arrange this!

What will you get with a Fighting Fit VO2 Test

  • Screening for underlying health issues with maximal/submazimal exercise
  • A state of the art VO2 max (or submax) test on a bike, treadmill, rower, assault bike or step test
  • Determine you fitness level compared to normal for your age and sex
  • Measure your cardiovascular strength
  • Exact targeted work out zones for fat burning, aerobic and anaerobic training specific to you
  • Caloric requirements for exercise in those zone, great for performing back to back maximal bout's of exercise
  • Education on what all this means for you!
  • Options to add tailored monitoring, exercise programming and dietary plans for success

Please contact us for questions relating to your test.

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