Meet Our Team

Founder & CEO


Dean Phelps

Dean Phelps is the founding owner and CEO at Fighting Fit.

Fighting Fit has solid foundations as a humble, solo practitioner service beginning in 2011 and progressing to the awesome clinic it is today!

Read more about Dean and the history of Fighting Fit HERE




Kyle Wells

Kyle Wells joined our team in 2019 and has done some amazing stuff with our patients at Fighting Fit Physio.

A great physio with an awesome energy that just gets people!

To book a consult for Kyle to help you get out of pain or over come injury, CALL US


Tyson Mansbridge

Tyson joined our team in 2020.

Tyson is a top young bloke with a real passion for helping people. We are proud to have him on our clinical team.

To book a consult for Tyson to help you get out of pain or over come injury, CALL US

Exercise Physiology

Clinical Exercise Physiologist

Chris Hunt

Our team consists of an awesome Exercise Physiologist, Chris Hunt.

Having worked at Fighting Fit for 5 years, he is is the man in charge of Fighting Fit Exercise Physiology Team.

To book a consult for Chris to help you get out of pain or over come injury, CALL US



Practice Manager

Practice Manager

Bec Fielding

Bec is our awesome Practice Manager.

In charge of ensuring our staff provide the highest level of care to all our patients.

You will also enjoy Bec's great nature as she assist our team with patient bookings and administrative needs.

Patient Experience


Georgia Villacorta-Tyler

Georgia or 'GVT' is one of our Patient Experience Officers (PEO's).

You will find her happily behind the desk ensuring all your consults run on time, your bookings are locked and loaded and ready to get some serious results.

In her words, "GVT is fully sick bro" and you'll hear her often say "thanks for being a boss" when each member of the team does an exceptional job!

If you need anything, she is there for you to help get an amazing result within our clinic.


Georgia Staines

Georgia or 'G' is also one of our great Patient Experience Officers (PEO's).

Never shy of a chat, or a helping push in the right direction when you're going off track on your treatment plan.

G will keep you accountable and ensure you reach your goals.

Tip: If you get her off side, she can easily be bribed with potato scallops with chicken salt from across the road 😉