Dean Phelps Head Physiotherapist Fighting Fit Physio Gold Coast 1

Dean Phelps

Dean Phelps is the founder and a member of the Fighting Fit: Physio Team.

With a special interest in providing a outcome and results focused clinic and special interests in:

  • Low back Pain
  • All shoulder injuries and taking post operative rehab to the next level
  • Tendinopathy and Plantarfasciopathy
  • Lateral hip pain in females
  • Combat athlete injuries and improving athletic performance
  • Groin Pain in Athletes

Meet Dean below and watch what his physiotherapy service is about.

Fighting Fit Physio has solid foundations as a humble, solo practitioner service that has grown due to the high level of individualised physiotherapy we provide.

My passion is providing detailed comprehensive assessments, sound diagnosis and high quality treatment to management of all musculoskeletal conditions.

Using vast the knowledge gained from the 6 years study of Exercise Science and Physiotherapy, plus now 10 years in practice, Dean thrives on merging the two usually separate professions with precision to gain the best possible outcome for his patients.

I love constantly crossing over from physio to strength and conditioning coach in all consultations to improve patient function and gain optimal performance and execution of movement.

With a special interest in Exercise and Sport Science, Strength and Conditioning Coaching and olympic lifting. Dean loves to help people of all ages learn correct techniques in the gym. Using his Physio brain with this background helps find the best lift, correct set up and technique form to help his patients get back into the gym and lift for a long time.

Being in a gym is like going to a martial arts dojo. You can't perform black belt techniques on day one, so why do we think we can do it in a weights room? Take the time to learn the craft of lifting, get the basic lifting skills, focus on technique, build a solid foundation and progress over time to more advanced movements. 

Adding to this, his love of technology has evolved his clinical practice, fitting out his clinic the very best equipment, testing and monitoring tech around. You will find him running through his assessments with some really fancy tech to gain a measurable baseline and show his patients where they need to improve their movement performance over the course of their treatment.

"If your not testing your always guessing" You need to monitor the improvements of your treatments every session, to do this in today's day and age you need the best technology around.

Dean also has had over 4.5 years clinical experience working in a multidisciplinary pain clinic, gaining invaluable skills and knowledge in the principles of acute and chronic pain management.

This assisted Dean to develop a unique skill set and determination to provide the community with a very outcome driven practice with a focus on the best results for his patients. Dean loves a challenge and will find a way to help where others have failed by improving their function and achieving what ever goals even if they think they are unachievable due to pain and past injury.

If you want help to over come pain, injury or improve your performance regardless of your age or activity level. Dean is the therapist for you!

"Pain is not to be feared, it is to be managed and conquered in life!"

Dean is also not one to shy away from anything martial arts! He continues to train in his partner gyms honing his own skills, bouncing ideas around with trainers and  constantly developing new, exciting and specific exercises or programs to enhance combat athletes performance.

With years of MMA training, also comes injury, Dean has had his fair share in the sport which give him a lived experience to be able to work with multiple big names from Australia to recover from their injuries. I understand the rigorous training load, constant desire to be fit, train hard and know how to manage the sports specific injuries obtained in MMA.

"One of the best feelings is seeing my athlete overcome an injury they initially thought would end their fight camp!"

Sport is a big part of his life, but so is his desire to keep active and engaged in things he loves doing. Like riding motocross. This passion is shared with his junior motocross rider by developing new way to their enhance performance and learn to be athletes on the bike.

Working with the elderly is another area that gets me excited when they hit the gym and reap the long term health benefits of exercise and my unique approach to overcoming injury adversity, no matter how big or small the problem.

Outside of work, Dean is a dad to two beautiful active little boys who are always in the gym with him learning the craft of physical activity and exercise from an early age. He also enjoy rounds of golf and if he could surf everyday without working my life would be complete!

"I live and breathe to be Fighting Fit"

Professional Qualifications

 Bachelor of Human Movement Science
 Major in Exercise and Sports Science
 Honors in Exercise Science "The effect of psuedoephadrine of the effect of muscle performance and fatigue"
 Master of Physiotherapy
 Registered AHPRA Physiotherapist and APA member