Have you been injured at work?

Is pain affecting your ability to do your job following a work place accident?

Do you want to get back to work pain free and functioning at your peak?

Fighting Fit Physiotherapy is a workcover approved provider of physiotherapy and return to work treatment plans.

If you have had a work place injury, ask your GP for a referral to physiotherapy on your latest medical certificate to gain the best return to work outcome you can!

Once you do you will have access to our

  • Physiotherapy treatment
  • Exercise Physiology for work place conditioning programs
  • A private rehab facility where you can undertake your return to work program under the observation of our team of work cover experts
  • PLUS much more to get you back to full health

We will work with you, your GP and specialist to ensure you make a full recovery.

*Ensure you make a note below in the booking that you are under workcover.