Fighting Fit Physio partners with like minded business and awesome people.

We love what we do and surrounding ourselves with great people allows us to be even better.

If you wish to reap the reward of a partnership with Fighting Fit for your business and its members, please contact us 0402938661 or HERE

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Fighting Fit Physiotherapy partners with Gold Coast Indoor Sports as the provider of physiotherapy services to the Gold Coast Super league Netball. Beginning our partnership in 2018, we are proud to help their netballers manage their injuries and get back onto the court and perform at their peak! 

We love a business that cares for their athletes and takes the time to provide their members with the opportunity to access high quality health care. We provide access to workshops, seminars, screening, injury management and peak performance programs to their members and athletes.

Head over and check out Gold Coast Indoor Sports at there website or follow them on Facebook HERE.

Keeping our local gym goes moving well and lifting strong is important to us. Helping the Snappers members, trainers and owners remain at their peak with access to the best local physiotherapy services and to specific lifting analysis helps them stay at the top of their training day in day out!

Head over and check out SNAP FITNESS Pacific Pines HERE  or follow them on Facebook. They have the most friendly staff and awesome atmosphere! A true joy to work along side. 

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The Snap Nerang members and trainers remain at their peak with Fighting Fit. We have helped numerous members stay active, be pain free and train comfortably through our awesome partnership. We look forward to many more years ahead helping the Local Nerang people stay healthy and active!

You can find a nice local gym in Nerang with the SNAP Nerang Team, give there web site a visit HERE and follow them on Facebook.

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Dean Phelps from Fighting Fit Physiotherapy can be seen on Punch TV as their go to physio for injury prevention and management of Fighters and Personal Trainers holding pads and instructing clients on mauy thai or boxing techniques. 

Check out Punch TV here

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PUNCH is tried and tested at Fighting Fit Physio. A product that is built on safety and quality. A perfect partner of Fighting Fit!

Check out their website for all boxing, MMA, Muay Thai, fitness and training apparel.

Strikeforce Muay Thai Gym

One of the humblest and highest quality muay thai gyms on the Gold Coast. Mark Pease and his team train and develop fighters, athelets and enthusiasts into machines.

Fighting Fit Physio has worked with Strikeforce since we began all those years ago.

Treating everyone from their professional fighters, beginners and family members who are suffering injury, pain with training or technique tweaks to reduce injury risk and pain. 

The Power Lounge – Athlete Recovery Centre

There is not many physiotherapy clinics with a fully equip Strength and Conditioning Gym on the Gold Coast.

There is none that have an athlete recovery centre right next door!

We have the best neighbour ever for all our athletes to take advantage of and recover following evidence based recovery protocols.

The Power Lounge is equip with temperature controlled ice baths, hot spa, sauna, weight cut, massage and compression therapy rooms.

This place has all your athletic needs covered.

Come train with us, then recover in style next door. 

Check them out on Facebook here, visit there web site or call 0418 711 494

Southern Stars Muay Thai – NERANG

Adrian and his team at Southern Stars are closely aligned with Fighting Fit for the treatment of their fight team and enthusiastis. Adrian is a top level trainer having previously worked with multiple world champion John Wayne Parr and has been the man behind many national and international champions on the Gold Coast. 

Dean loves a chat with Adrian as their philosophy behind technique and power development is well aligned.

We look forward to working with the team at Southern Stars for many years to come.

Check them out on Facebook HERE

Five Rings Dojo – Gold Coast

Was the original home and birth place of Fighting Fit Physiotherapy and we are the travelling team physio for there athletes. 

Five RIngs is the leading MMA gym in Australia, boasting multiple belt holders and many of Australia most promosing athletes. The gym caters for all levels interested in MMA. Having a huge kids MMA class Roy instills discipline, confidence and strength in each and everyone of his students and fighters. 

To check out more about Five RIngs Dojo visit there web page here and follow Five Rings Fight team on Facebook

For the Fighter – NERANG

Is the best equipment and marial arts store on the Gold Coast. It has all your needs covered from gloves, pads, shirts, shorts, pants and gi’s!

Support a local store that supports all the fighters and small business! Shop for, top quality gear and competitive prices.

Contact Kristy Gentle on 0418711494 or check the store on Facebook