Fighting Fit Physiotherapy Nerang

Tyson Mansbridge


About Tyson

If you want to hang out and get better with one cool physio, Tyson is your guy.

An all round nice guy, with a huge heart and passion for helping people. He is super fun and got plenty of cool stories!

One of the thing that drives him is

"Helping people get over any injury that is holding them back from doing what they want and love!"

Tyson is a fantastic young physio with a drive to get his patients better for the long run.

He isn't interested in just patching them up, but actually discharging them fixed and ready to take on what ever they want to.

Having been mentored at Fighting Fit while undertaking his uni degree, Tyson showed us his love of physio and learning.

He is now a great asset to Fighting Fit Physio Nerang years after finishing his uni and goes above and beyond to deliver the best care to his patients.

Tyson has developed quite the reputation in his areas of interest and gets amazing results for those that follow his treatments to the letter!

Success story from following our back pain treatment program

Special Interests

Tyson has a real special interest in:

  • Back Pain
  • Neck Injuries
  • Thoracic Pain and Dysfunction
  • Sports injuries: he is the go to for any AFL injury!
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Patelllofemoral Joint Pain
  • Hip and groin pain

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