Are you experiencing pain with any of your lifts in the gym?

Is pain affecting your ability to perform a squat or dead lift?

Is your performance declining or inhibiting progression due to pain?

Before (left) with poor chin and head position causing Head Ache and After (right) resulting in no Head Ache with lifting.




Before with Back Pain (Left) and After without Back Pain (Right) 




Poor Control Before (Left) and with a change in set up and cueing (Right)


If you answered YES, then your just like many previous patients at Fighting Fit Physio and need a Weight Lifting Assessment and Analysis session!

At Fighting Fit we look deep into the cause of the pain, not just fixing the symptom 'pain' but stopping it all together by analysising each detail in your lifting and how that corresponds with your pain.

Many don't realise that the 'FIX' can be a simple change in form, technique or set up.

Finding an optimal position can significantly reduce pain, stop it all together and reduce your risk of further injury.

Take a look to THE LEFT at how a simple analysis stopped long standing headache from dead lifts!

A lifting assessment will also increase your performance and ability to move more weight in each session resulting in greater strength or muscle gains.

Take at the other dead lift. It had been causing back pain for years, even at low weights. After (RIGHT) with a few changes in his lift mechanics he was pain free immediately and built up to lifting well in excess of his body weight after a 6 week program!

If you are having an issue with any lift in the gym the Fighting Fit Team can provide you with a solution to keep you training and performing at your peak!

Book your Lifting Assessment below and enjoy years of pain and injury free lifting in the gym!