Are you unable to get into the clinic?

Isolated but need help with your pain or injury?

Need access to Physio or Exercise physiology no matter where you are?





Fighting Fit Tele Health Will Help You Get Better!

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, our tele health option with one of our expert clinicians will help you!

Whether it is for pain and injury management, chronic disease, or getting the best exercise program suited to your needs.

Tele health allows you to be anywhere in the world, uses your mobile phone for face to face contact and our online programming to assess, treat, progress and drive you toward the outcome or goals you deserve.

If you are a new patient or have suffered a recent injury our online physiotherapy consultation will:

  • Comprehensively assess you
  • Provide a individualised treatment plan
  • Specific and tailored online exercise programs to your condition and needs
  • The support and encouragement to over come your problem or condition

Tele-Health is the new normal.

It may be something new, scary and different. But so was social media, online shopping, the transition from leaded to unleaded petrol in the past.


Are you keen to get started?


If Tele-health sounds like something you would love to have, jump online below and make a booking now or call the clinic to arrange one.



Virtual Physiotherapy