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Programs for Injury Rehab, Athletic Development and Elite Sports Performance

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Strength and Conditioning (S&C) is the back bone of who were are and where each of us have come from to be able to work at Fighting Fit Physio.

All our Physiotherapists have a undergraduate qualifications in Exercise Science, Human Movement and Strength and Conditioning coaching, to assist you with any sports performance and injury specific rehabilitation.

Fighting Fit has it's very own S&C coach Chris Hunt (ASCA approved) with a masters in High Performance Sport as well as Exercise Physiology. Chris takes care of everything from testing, performance analysis, personal training, rehabilitation or amateur to elite sport development in our state of the art fitness testing.

Fighting Fit has its very own Sports and Exercise Science lab located within the clinic.


Boasting world class equipment including VO2max testing equipment, Metabolic Testing, Velocity Based Training (VBT) and functional screening technology gives our clinic the best performance testing, injury screening and athlete tracking available to any athlete that steps foot into the clinic.

We use the best testing equipment in the clinic and also in the field to then develop athlete performance programs, specific to the requirements of their sport and the physcial attributes of the athlete.

Our team have combined experience in elite program development for mixed martial artists, rugby league, soccer, motorcross, muay thai, boxing, just to name a few.

Add that in with our athletes ability to access our partners next door at The Power Lounge to get the very best recovery possible following your training for competition = a recipe for success. Checkout some of our Athletes HERE

We do not just deal with athletes!

We use our performance equipment to enhance our treatment results, increase the every day fitness enthusiast to excel and reach the best they can be for the long term, all the way to retraining balance in our seniors. We write and tailor every program specific to you!

Combining the skills and knowledge of physiotherapy, exercise science and strength and conditioning is a recipe for success by coming to Fighting Fit!

Whether your goals are for a successful return to sport, improvement in your sports performance, specific injury rehabilitation or you wish to undertake a unique pre-habilitation program, Fighting Fit Physiotherapy will help you reach your full potential.

A full musculoskeletal examination, functional movement screening and fitness testing can be done to set an individualised program for your goals.

Train and be coached by a university trained professionals with over 20+ years of combined knowledge and experience in health and fitness.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions about how we can help you reach your full potential in life or sport.