Have you been struggling to lose those few extra kilos?

Are you suffering with high cholesterol, high blood pressure or struggling to manage your diabetes?

Are unsure what you should be feeding your kids in their lunch box?


Sports Dietitian


If you answered YES to any of the questions above, our Accredited Dietitian can help you with all these things and more!

Nutrition plays a huge role in our life. Its what fuels us everyday and keeps us moving!

This is why it is so important to make sure we our giving our bodies the best nutrition it needs and deserves.


How can we help?

At Fighting Fit Physio our Dietitian understands there is no one size fits all approach for diet and nutrition so Cate will work with you and whatever your goals may be and provide tailored nutrition advice to help you reach your goals!


Whether you want to lose some weight, get an edge up in you sport, help with managing your blood pressure or diabetes or even just scrub up on your general nutrition knowledge.

Our accredited practicing dietitian can help with all of this!

Below is what we will do to get you started!

  1. We will perform the most comprehensive assessment of your dietary intake and body mass on the Gold Coast
  2. We will then guide you specifically on what changes you need to make right away
  3. Then you will get a proven plan and strategy to make long term changes and see results in your body componsition

So if that sounds like something you would love to have then jump online below and make a booking


If you have any questions on how we can help you call the clinic on 0402 928 661