Suffering Shoulders A Q&A from our patients

Suffering Shoulders: A Q&A from our patients

In this weeks blog I am going to cover some of the burning questions patients had in their initial consultation. These are super common and I often wish people were better informed, so I am going to do just that!

Here is a few questions that patients have asked and I think are worth sharing, because we’re asked these a lot!

A Q&A for a suffering shoulder!

In this weeks blog I am going to cover some of the burning questions patients had in their initial consultation.

These are super common and I often wish people were better informed, so I am going to do just that!

Inform you of 4 common questions patients will ask me and give you my straight up answer!

Check them out below because I am sure there is one in there that makes you think “oh that’s me!”

“I have Bursitis and Tears in my shoulder. I’ve been recommended a steroid injections into my shoulder, will this fix it?”

P.M 52y.o female

This is such a common question!

Middle ages females have a much greater incidence of both bursitis and tears.

An injection will do one thing!

EASE INFLAMMATION: if the inflammation is eased then pain may settle.

Good for acute and angry bursitis.

But it does not fix a tear, increase strength or improve movement of the shoulder.

If the shoulder had these issues prior to it becoming painful (which most do), the injection may give short term relief, but unless the other factors are addressed it will come back!

“Is surgery the only way to fix a rotator cuff tear?”

A.D 63.y.o female


But the answer here is also not simple!

A cuff tear will range in size, depth and width to a full rupture.

A tear does not mean impending doom! Many tears are a part of aging gracefully. Remember a small tear still has plenty of healthy tendon to do the job!

In my opinion surgery is based on many factors. Mainly, “will the person and the presentation see success with surgery or be better suited to conservative rehab?”

If the person has a large tear or full rupture, shows no signs of functional improvement (can’t lift the arm at all), has failed to progress with treatment and is fit enough to get through surgery then we will recommend a specialist opinion is sort.

However, if managed early on and the person shows good improvement with therapy, the body will compensate to big and small tears in the rotator cuff.

As long as your rehabilitation is gradual and involves a solid and progressive program then full function and a pain free shoulder can be restored.

Over my 10 years in practice, I have seen some tears that the body has over come that I would have never thought possible.

Don’t under estimate the body’s ability to heal, it is designed to survive after all!

“I had a reconstruction (stabalisation) of my shoulder and it dislocated again despite undertaking rehab after surgery. What else I can do?”

A.L 23y.o male

Shoulder pain shoulder bursitis suffering-shoulders-a-q-a-from-our-patients Home-Remedies-for-Shoulder-Pain

This was asked to me in a new patient consult the other week.

We had to dig deeper and soon realised that the rehab (done somewhere else) didn’t cover some key aspects!

Yes, the post operative program had them swinging off Therabands and pushing some weight around in the gym, BUT…

It missed one important thing. Proprioception: “joint position awareness” and “outer range strength”.

The shoulder is the most mobile joint in the body and needs strength through every plane, every degree of movement and extreme positional awareness.

The more you progress, challenge the shoulder post stabilisation and do both those during the correct phases of rehab will significantly reduce the risk of future subluxation or dislocation.

“I feel a pinch over head when I shoulder press, what is that?”

A.D 37yo Male

Honestly, It could be anything!!

A few things to check with pressing weight over-head in the gym.

  1. You have adequate range of movement in both the shoulder and thoracic spine. If you don’t structures are potentially getting impinged and may affect you pressing over-head, long term.
  2. Is your form correct?
  3. Is the weight too much for you to control good movement of the shoulder?

So we checked it all out and the outcome was awesome! Back to pressing pain free!

If you are experiencing shoulder pain and a few of these sound familiar please get in contact with me, I love shoulders and get fantastic results.

Why? it’s not that I have seen heaps, it’s I also have been in your shoes with multiple injured shoulder stories of my own!

Dean Phelps( Head Physiotherapist and Owner )

Dean is a registered Gold Coast Physiotherapist with undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Human Movement and Exercise Science. His background has developed his vision for Fighting Fit Physiotherapy to focus on optimal health and peak physical performance for every single patient. Utilising his many qualifications, in depth knowledge of the body and passion for exercise he can provide a holistic approach to your treatment and exercise prescription to get the best outcome.