The use of Heart Rate to benefit your training goals

In today’s society, the presence of technology has never been greater.

There isn’t a day that passes where us as individuals do not utilise tech to better improve or assist us in completing our daily tasks.
An example of this can be seen in the use of our phones to make calls, check our emails, do our banking, utilise social media and play games.
It’s crazy looking back on how much our lives revolve around tech and the growth we have seen in the last 10 years.
The same can’t be said about our health.
At present we are living in a world where although we are getting smarter and things are getting easier and more connected, we are also getting fatter and more sedentary.
The use of tech is making our lives easy which is resulting in having to do less physical activity.
The days of maintaining a healthy weight through our daily activities is long gone for the majority of us!
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But it isn’t all doom and gloom

The presence of tech, has left us with options that we can utilise to train in a manner that is smarter, assist us in achieving our training goals quicker.
Whether that be to get fitter or lose weight, there is tech out there that can assist us to achieve this. 
One such area that has had proven success is the use of heart rate (HR) training.
The use of HR training refers to the use of instantaneous feedback of heart rate response to exercise.
Heart rate gives us a gauge of the intensity of exercise or activity we are performing.
By understanding how our body reacts to a certain exercise stimulus, whether it be resistance training or aerobic (cardiovascular) training we can begin to tailor our programming more specifically so that we can achieve our goals.

The use of HR training has shown to have success for assisting those to lose weight.

In combination with the use of metabolic testing, (SEE previous blog on metabolic testing here)
measuring Heart Rate allows for a smarter way to train.
By HR with metabolic testing we know exactly what heart rate zone you should work within during cardio or weight training.
Yes, there are app’s like Polar, Garmin or the like that give you age predictive, normative zones.
We have all seen these, blue means fat/recovery, green for cardio, yellow for above threshold and red for peak or maximal exertion. 
What your RMR and VO2Max results look like

Everyone is different!

Many things influences these heart rate zones, the fuel (fat or carbs) they use during exercise and importantly the amount of calories burnt.
Factors such as age, gender, hormones, level of fitness, training age (how long you have been exercising or in the gym), body mass & composition all will influence your fuel use during each zone. 
For example if someone who wants to train to lose weight and is using age predicted normative data but is becoming frustration with an inability to lose weight or shift that body fat.
They could in fact be in the wrong zone, using the wrong fuel, and thinking they are burning more calories then they actually are.
By using metabolic testing and heart rate training, it takes out the guess work of using age predictive normative values and replaces it with knowing EXACTLY how hard their body (not everyone else) is
meant to be working.
With that knowledge they can knowingly sit at the correct HR (for fat burn) or within a heart zone to avoid any wasted time and or effort.
Training zones, energy burn and training

Training for weight loss

When it comes down to training for weight loss, creating an energy deficit is key but at times this can be quite difficult for some, especially those who are injured or suffer from a chronic condition.
This is where HR zone training can be highly beneficial, as it can used as an education tool through gaining instant feedback on the amount of calories we burn during a session.
Yes! HR training from metabolic testing allows us to get an understanding of exactly how many calories we burn per session and even the type of calories burned (see below).

Technology makes your progress simple

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By tracking information on a regular bases, it allows for a greater level of accuracy when comes to diet and how much we need to eat to create an energy deficit.
Apps with metabolic testing link and integrate to share information with many other fitness and dietary apps. Things like the health app on apple, my fitness pal, etc. 
Technology has been developed to make our lives easier, not lazier, give HR training a go today, it could be difference maker you are after in achieving your weight loss goals!
For more information around the benefits of metabolic testing & heart rate training for weight loss get in contact with the clinic and book an appointment today.