The many benefits of pre-season testing!

As the year comes to a close for many of us, we start looking forward to Christmas and some hard-earned time off to spend with family and friends!

This is true for a lot of the population, but for those budding superstars, Weekend warriors and A grade athletes it means Pre-season is FAST APPROACHING!

So it is time to get ready and read this blog..

Are you Pre-Season ready?

For some of us pre-season can come as a traumatic time.

The off-season has been harsh with a big loss of fitness and added weight gain from too much food, drinks and parties!

For others, like the budding youngsters, can’t wait for pre-season to start!

And rightly so, with their big dreams of one day making it as a professional driving there every move.

They have worked extra hard in the off season to make pre-season a breeze.

For whatever your sport, age, position, fitness and strength levels, number of injuries had in the past. It is important to understand the impact a bad off-season can have.

We all know these feels!

Finishing the season injured? Read on..

Some end a sporting season with aches and pains, injuries and niggles, in a desperate need of rest to help the body recover.

Rest is great following a length and /or heavy season, but too long off the park, out of the the gym will generally lead to de-conditioning.

The results of de-conditioning depending on time off, can lead to a big decrease in muscle mass and strength, loss of cardiovascular fitness, fat gain and a greater susceptibility to injury through a reduction in tissue resilience from too long of a reload period.

For those with an injury history a mile long, the off-season and pre-season would be considered vital to keep time off to minimum and focus on the strength and conditioning of your previously injured area.

In one study, an Olympic rower hit peak fitness during the Games, then took an 8 week hiatus from training. It took him 20 weeks to return to his previous fitness level!
Godfrey et al, 2005
Journal of Sci Med. Sport

"Re-assure yourself that you're heading into pre-season ready to go!"

 We highly recommend the use of pre-season screening and testing!

This allows for a greater understanding into your current physical status and whether or not you are at a greater risk of injury with a return to sport.

How do you test or screen?

Depending on the sport or physical requirements of the individual, we will need to determine the necessary testing battery required to be performed.

As an example:

A soccer player.

A number of strength tests would be beneficial to perform for a number of reasons.

This will give insight. into the athlete to identifiy weaknesses and asymmetries within muscles. or. groups of muscles and any associated suboptimal movement patterns.

By picking up these weaknesses before pre-season starts, it give you time to correct, remedy or strengthen areas which helps to reduce the risk of injury leading into the season ahead.


Testing can be simple, or complex.

There are many areas of testing can include:

  • anthropometrics for body composition
  • fitness (vo2max)
  • power 
  • agility 
  • speed
  • wellness and sleep
  • sweat rate 
  • velocity profiling
  • 1 rep max testing
  • reactive & Dynamic Strength Index

You don’t need them all, just. the. ones specific to your sport!

Unsure what would suit you? then consult any of the trained Exercise Science staff at Fighting Fit Physio to help!

Screen to no where you need to get back to!

Not only do benefits exist in screening for potential risk of injury.

But if you are tested prior to the season commencing and happen to sustain an injury during the season, you have a baseline measurement of fitness, strength, power etc to work back to. 

“if you’re not measuring, you’re just guessing!”

This a moto we lively here!

When it comes to athletic performance or development, how do you actually know your getting better??

if just said “I feel better?” this is a subjective feeling that is based on emotions, and we all know emotions vary from day to day, week to week, month to month.

If you objectively test, then we know “your feeling better!”

If you are a young up-coming athlete with dreams of making the professional ranks!

No stone should be left unturned when it comes to maximising your performance.

We are lucky enough to have access to some of the best testing equipment on the Gold Coast, and in Australia! Many of which are common place in high profile professional sporting clubs.

For more information or to get your pre-season testing sorted before the up-coming 2020 season drop us an email o r call for a chat about how can assist your injury screening risk or performance needs.