A scientific approach to weight loss with metabolic testing

If you haven’t already had a read of my previous blog on “Is metabolic testing is worth it?” thenI suggest you click back and have read of that too!

Today we are diving a little deeper into the ways in which the use of your resting metabolic rate can help you to achieve your weight loss goals!

In the world of today, the importance around how we look physically has reached uncomfortable heights.

This is mainly due to unrealistic views created across our social media platforms.

The way in which Instagram models, influencers seeking to make money from the vulnerable and our obsession with being “liked” are driving people to:

  • Workout at ridiculous levels
  • Rely on shakes
  • Chase the next fad diet
  • Even perform stupid exercises in the gym thinking they can some how spot reduce fat

All this is encouraging us to believe instant and unstainable weight loss is normal. This is a major cause for concern for peoples health and well being. 

At the end of the day, everyone is different, we all have different body shapes and sizes, slow and fast metabolisms.

There are a many number factors that can contribute to issues with our ability to lose weight.

On any given day, the stressors in our lives can be one of the most influential factors that we often overlook as reasons for our inability to lose weight.

Things like

  • Overtraining within our workouts
  • Under fuelling our metabolism
  • Under fuelling our exercise sessions
  • Our environment is not conducive to weight loss
  • There too many temptations
  • Too many distractions
  • No focus on long term gains
  • Lack of specific key nutrients in our diet
  • How is our mental health
  • Or our emotional state?
  • Are we sleeping enough?
  • Or working too much! 

All of these factors can affect us in some way shape or form in a successful bid to healthily lose weight and maintain it. 

Weight loss is achievable for everyone, and let me even say, sustainable.

If you do it the right way!

You don’t need a fad diet or crazy workouts!!

Just take a scientific approach to your weight loss with the help of RMR testing and take the guess work out of it.

What is R.M.R testing?  

As outlined in my previous blog, the resting metabolic rate test (R.M.R) is one of two metabolic tests, that are used by health professionals to assist individuals in the management of their weight.

Our RMR, is the measured rate of the differing metabolic processes that are undertaken by the body in restful state.

The unit of measurement given to the rate at which these occur is calories, which is often displayed as calories per day.

The main fuel source used at rest is carbohydrate and fat. The amount of each varies from person to person. Some people are good fat burners at rest, others not. 

To put it simple, RMR it’s a great tool because it allows us get a measure of how many calories your body burns at rest and what fuel source is driving your metabolism.

How will it help me to lose weight?

By gaining an accurate insight into how many calories are expended at rest we can begin to understand how your metabolism functions.

It will answer questions like:

  • Are you someone who burns calories efficiently and at a higher rate?
  • Or are you someone who utilises less, stores more and is metabolically inefficient?
  • Do I burn fat well or poorly at rest?
  • How much carbohydrate should I been eating? (yes we love carbs!)

Due to individuality, our RMR’s can be very different. 

The only way to know is to test it and find out. 

Below is a report from an RMR

Knowledge is king!

Not only do we know how many calories the body will burn at rest with an R.M.R test, we can also get a gauge on the type of fuel (carbs or fats) you are utilising.

This knowledge can be particularly useful for people who have had trouble losing weight (body fat) in the past. 

“RMR will often explain, the reasoning behind the struggles in losing body fat”

For example:

Someone who tends to utilise carbohydrate more so than fat at rest, can sometimes indicate that metabolic change may have occurred.

This is now effecting the bodies ability to utilise fat in a manner that is conducive to fat and weight loss.

We all know someone who has dropped a bunch of weight but still looks “skinny fat”?

Well they just lost a bunch of muscle doing a shit tone of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and burnt up there carb stores without actually touching the fat mass! 

Yep they will bounce back to pre weight loss pretty quick. 

What happens with guess work!

A lot of people are starting to make the effort to get an understanding of their RMR.

But too often people are resorting to utilising equations or graphs to get what they believe is an accurate display of their RMR.

In some cases you may fit the generic mould and get a result that is relatively accurate.

However, more often than not you will never get the desired result you were looking for. 

And that can be a big time waster and a kick in the guts (literally) for your hard work.

It can also be unsafe.

We have seen people using an online estimate of RMR that is way too low.

This has promoted them to eat too little and over exercise (way under fuel).

Hard training with under fuelling is not sustainable long term. it is unhealthy!

It results in weight ballooning. You know the under eat & over exercise, then over eat & under exercise cycles. 

Hit repeat 3-5 times all of a sudden you can’t budge it!

This is a result of slowing of your RMR, metabolic changes in fuel utilisation ie poor fat utilisation at rest and ultimately difficulty trying to lose weight (check out the figure below of two female fighters, same weight, yet two different metabolic profiles and history of weight loss)

Does this sound like you?? 

Your next step!

If you have made mistakes with diet and exercise in the past, then here is what you need to do!

Get an R.M.R test!

The individualised information gained from your RMR test, provides the bases to determining the appropriate amount, type of food and exercise that will be required in order to achieve healthy and sustainable weight loss.

“By having accurate information we can formulate a PLAN!”

A tailored plan will create a healthy calorie deficit, this plan will be your key to long term success. 

You know, the consistent and sustainable weight loss journey that every one craves.

No more starving yourself or over doing it in the gym!

If you are a ready to take the first step in creating a plan to lose weight, GREAT!

Then I recommend you book an RMR appointment today and get the information before to start so you are informed and educated on a safe and sustainable weight loss journey for your body!

I’ve put a link HERE to book an RMR test.

For more information around RMR testing and weight loss please don’t hesitate to get in contact with myself or the clinic.