Prepping makes perfect!

As the year is now in full swing, hopefully you are still holding onto those new years resolutions to improve your diet and exercise!

It’s March, where has the year gone?? Now it is the perfect time to check back in with yourself, your goals, and to see how you are going to make sure you are staying on track.

This might be re-testing your weight, body fat % or getting a bio scan.

BUT when it comes to your nutrition it is a bit harder and up to you!

Below are a few ways you can stay on track toward those goals and ensure a good outcome.

Being prepared is one of the best ways we can help ourselves stay on track with our nutrition. If you have let your preparation slip in your new year routine, you better keep reading!.

Being prepared starts at the grocery store. Actually it starts before that.

Before you head off to the store check out your kitchen/pantry and see what you have already got or need.

Now make a list!

Once you have the list it is now very important, that you stick to it.

This will ensure you get everything you need and don’t end up getting what you don’t need!

Tip: Get creative with your herbs and spices to make your meals tasty! Just be mindful of sauces and marinades as they can be quite high in sugar and energy (replace the sauces on the list with those healthy tasty herbs instead).


Try and make a plan for the week of all the meals you are wanting and needing to cook.

If you have work/school/uni/sport it may be handy to plan some meals around that so they are ready to go.

I personally like to prep my lunches and even get breakfast ready to go the day even the week before. I even find it helpful packing my lunch box for the upcoming day so it is all ready to go in the morning.

It just makes for one less thing to think about during the week.

PLUS we all know that come mid week when we are feeling a bit lazy and tired, the corner take away store starts to look quite appealing!

I’ll put some easy ideas for bulk breakfast and lunches to help get you started below!

Remember, you will need multiply all meal ingredients by how many you need to make eg. 5 or 7 and divide up into containers!


Once you have you meal plan and grocery list ready head to the store at least once, or twice is best to keep it fresh every week.

TIP: If you find yourself going every few days you can end up spending more money.

Once you have your ingredients all you really, all you need is maybe an hour at most to get together some meals for the week.

Then keep it simple.. 

When it comes to putting together a meal you want to cover the three bases – protein, carbohydrates and fats. We want a nice healthy balanced meal that is going to get us through the day, keep our energy up and stay nice and full for longer.

There are so many options for basic meals and ill list some below for you and let me know if you give them a go or tag us in any of your meal preps on insta or facebook!

Divide and Conquer…

Once it is cooked, it is time to divide them up for the day or the week. One of the big bonuses in preparing your meals this way is that it keeps your portions in check.

When your meals are already divided up, there is no option for going back for seconds!

Now be prepared for when you’re not prepared!

Another way to stay prepared and super accountable to your nutrition is making sure your pantry and fridge have some options to help you out if you are ever stuck at one breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Keep some frozen meals that you’ve made bulk of on hand, frozen veges, cans of tuna and beans in the pantry and microwavable rice are super handy and quick options if you haven’t been able to get to the shops or prep anything.

It may not always be an amazing dish, but something you grab from home is a much better option than the works burger from the café around the corner.

Quick Meals to Prep, Health and Simple!


Egg bowl

2 x boiled eggs
100g steamed broccoli
100g roasted sweet potato
30g crumbled feta

Cous Cous Salad
½ cup cooked cous cous
80g cooked chicken breast
handful of cherry tomatoes
¼ avocado
½ cucumber


A Overnight oats

¼ cup rolled oats
½ cup milk of choice
Sprinkle of cinnamon
2 tbs of natural/greek yoghurt
½ cup frozen berries or 1 small banana

Smoothie Bags

Use a snap lock bag to put all your ingredients for your smoothie in so in the morning you can just grab it, blend it and go!

High protein yoghurt
Handful of spinach
2 tbs of rolled oats
Milk of choice
1 banana

Survivor Meals (A quick, yet healthy feed on the run!)

Tuna Box
1 small can tuna
½ cooked brown rice
1 cup mixed steamed beans and carrot (have them in the freezer ready to go like your smoothie bags!)

I hope you have enjoyed the blog, if you need any help with your nutrition, diet plan or healthy eating then book an online appointment below and I will keep you on track with your goals!