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Michael "The Great White" Tobin

Michael has been with us since the beginning of 2017. He saw the need to grow as a combat sport athlete and build his strengthens and plug his weaknesses. Approaching MMA from a scientific perspective has resulted in some serious gains in body composition. Being a Judoka background, his upper body strength was always fantastic, yet he in MMA his hip and trunk strength was not good enough. Over the time we have focused on building those areas and see a more solid build in the areas that are important in combat sports such as MMA, The Hip and Trunk/Core. 

Michael is a beast, he is growing as an athlete on the international scene after long dominating Australian MMA promotions. Check him out of Facebook HERE

Joel Antees

Is our latest recruit to the Fighting Fit Team. He is about to kick off at 15 years of age with some very specific training techniques to gain that edge on his competition. He joined us keen to get in the gym, but wanted to do it properly. Having two strength and conditioning coaches, both with post graduate qualifications in sport and exercise science here at Fighting Fit, what better place to start his induction into sport specific coaching/training to gain those extra seconds on the Track.

Joel is a TEAM MOTO, Thor and Michelin Sponsored athlete competing in Junior Motocross in both sunny state and SEQ series. Leading the way in his class, he is a competitive young guy. Watch us on Facebook to follow his grow as an athlete and see how we prepare of MX racers to be Fighting Fit for the track. 

Vicente Cavalcanti & Renato Silva - Southside MMA

Two epic local (from Brazil) Black Belts. The boys coach the team at Sotuhside MMA, a freakish den of BBJ artists. 

Vicente competes at an international level, mixing it with the best in the world. He began working with Fighting Fit after he sustained a string of injuries in the gym, training himself and with other strength coaches. This changed significantly since joining the Fighting Fit Team and training under Dean Phelps, who has many years expeience training and competing in MMA and BJJ. His knowlege of the sport inside and out along with his physiotherpay and strength and conditioning expetise gives a unique advantage to the combat athlete when it comes to programming and seaking that edge in performance on the competition. 

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Renato has been a regular at Fighting Fit all year. He came in with little lifting experience and is growing month to month as a BJJ athlete with the gains he gets from training using our tried and tested S&C Systems for combat athletes. He has sustained a pretty serious knee injury this year, howver combining physiotherapy with specific and fucntional S&C rehab, he is gaining momentum again to hit the BJJ scene with a bang in 2018.

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Burleigh Bulldogs Soccer Club

Fighting Fit joined the Burleigh Heads Soccer Club in 2016  and has teamed up with them since to provide there injury management, prvention and gym based S&C work. Attending the club during the week for injury assessment, treatment and using return to sport protocols for sports injuries, the players are in good hands week in week out with Dean at the helm. 

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Carrara Saints Australian Rules Football Club

Carrara Saints have teamed up with Fighting Fit Physio for the 2016 season to provide the best injury assessment, treatment and care for all their players to stay 'fighting fit' and play well this season by managing their injuries correctly. Fighting Fit has provided the club with both physiotherapy, massage and sports trainers for the season as a major sponsor of the local club. 

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Matt McShane - Paralympian and Wheel Chair Basketball Legend


Matt 'Macca' McShane has been a regular at Fighting Fit Physio since its inception in 2013. We work closely with his medical and S&C staff at the Queensland Academy of Sport to keep him firing day in day out! Matt has competed at the highest level, representing Australia at the Rio Olympics. He is an absolute work horse and a gun basketballer. 

Conor Barry - Amature Mauy Thai Weapon!


After coming to Fighting Fit Physio at 13 years old with a string of injuries related to a young body training at an elite level, Conor, from The Rock Gym is now 15 years old a multiple junior title holder and able to train and compete without niggling injury. Conor being young is a sponge and laps up everything we teach him from his Strength and Conditioning program, periodised fghtt camp programing to managing his injuries correctly. 

Joe Muir- Professional Light Heavy Weight Fighter

Joe has been with Fighting FIt Physiotherapy for almost 4 years. He is the current Nitro Light Heavy Weight title holder and in 2014 is dropping to Middleweight to contest a new divison. Joe is a regular at Fighting Fit for his injury management.

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Daniel "Jacare" Almeida - Professional MMA and BJJ competitor


Daniel is has had an incredible 2013 after coming back to competition BJJ following an ACL reconstruction. HE came to Fighting Fit Physiotherapy after moving from Brazil to work as coach at Extreme MMA Byron Bay. Since his move he has completed his rehab and has gone on to win the Australia Abu Dhabi trials, Melbourne Open, Extreme GTA and a bunch of other event. 2-14 he heads to Abu Dhabi to compete and is also looking at getting back in the cage!

Matty "The Menace" Frincu - Professional MMA FIghter


Matty was one of Fighting Fit Physiotherapy very first sponsored athletes. He is pushing the limits each fight and making a major imapct in the welter weight division at a young age. Managing his injuries is a top priority in each fight camp. Even a niggle can turn major and affect his camp so he always gets it looked at and fixed before it interupts the camp or even the ability to fight. Matt is currently in America training and fighting towards his dream! 

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Shannon "Turkish Delight" McClellan


Shannon has been a regular at fighting fit since its birth 5 years ago. Originally sustaining an injury that looked certain to derail his fight camp preparation, we were able to fix it up, rehab and make the fight in peak condition for the win at Nitro. Outside of the ring Shannon is top bloke and a good friend worth his weight in gold!

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Jai "the toothfairy" Bradney - Professional MMA Fighter

Jai has been one of the biggest supporters of fighting fit physio since opening in 2013. Jai was one of my practice dummies through uni as we also trained MMA together for many years. Having the ability to train with the best and treat the best was the recipe for specialising in Fighters injuries. He continues as one of the most respected fighters in Aussie MMA. A tough warrior and a very humble man.

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Brentin Mumford - Professional MMA Fighter


Brentin has recently joined Fighting Fit Physiotherapy following a PCL and meniscal injury sustained during his fight camp for FWC. Managing his knee injury into the fight, hw was able to fight and win the FWC title. He has since had surgery and is undertaking a guided rehab program with Jason his Strength and Conditioning Coach in Lismore NSW and will be back in 2014.

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