Sports Dietitian

Are you taking part in regular sport?

Trying to crack the big time and become an elite?

Do you need that edge on your competition?


Fighting Fit Physio has a resident Accredited Sports Dietitian, Cate Brun. Specailising in sports nutrition Cate has the highest qualification to help athletes perform at their peak by fueling there body correctly using the latest research and her vast clinical experience. 

"You can do all the training in the world but if your nutrition isn’t specifically planned and managed appropriately for your training and sport, your performance will be affected"

If you are taking part in regular sport, competing regularly and putting hours into your specific training weekly, Cate will help you with sports specific nutrition. Read more on how "HERE"

Cate will personalize meal plans, check skin folds, develop training and race nutrition strategies and hydration plans. She has it all!


So if that sounds like something you need to take you sport to the next level, jump online below and make a booking


If you have any questions please call the clinic on 0402 928 661


Sports Nutrition Gold Coast