Remedial Massage



7 Benefits of Remedial Massage for you!

  1. Ease muscluar aches and pains
  2. Reduce Delayed onset muscle soreness
  3. Recover from minor injury and strains
  4. Improve blood flow and healing
  5. Relax and reguvinate from stress
  6. Improve movement and function in daily life
  7. Increase range of movement and be pain free


Techniques used

  1. Sports massage
  2. Remedial Massage
  3. Myofascial release
  4. Deep tissue massage
  5. Trigger Point therapy
  6. Dry Needling

FIghting Fit Physiotherapy partners with The Power Lounge to provide the best remedial massage services on the Gold Coast. 

Kristy runs our Remedial Massage clinic next door to Fighting Fit Physiotherapy Gold Coast and has an interest in keeping everyday people and sports enthusiasts at the top of their game. 

Call Kristy on 0488 080 458 to disucss Recovery Options or Remedial Massage.