• No referral needed – call up or make an online booking BELOW, it super easy!
  • Private Health and Medicare rebates are available.
  • Department of Veterans Affairs Provider.
  • WorkCover Approved.
  • GP referal required for CDM plans (NO bulk billing)
  • WorkCover and Insurance Injuries welcome.


What does each session involve??

Initial Consultation (60 Mins)

“Your first consult with us is very important so a full one-hour consultation makes Fighting Fit unique to any other practice on the Gold Coast!”

What does it involve?

  • A comprehensive assessment of your condition
  • Treatment with the latest and greatest evidenced based interventions
  • Provide you with a diagnosis (whats wrong), prognosis (how long it will take to get better!!) and how we are going to do it!

PLUS develop and explain a treatment plan specific to you, your problem and the goals you want to achieve!

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Comprehensive Follow Up Consultation

Following an initial assessment, our comprehensive follow up consultation is a 30-minute session. You will have your treatment plan progressed toward your ultimate recovery. 

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Medicare Options for Physiotherapy at Fighting Fit

Initial and Standard Consultation

Our Initial and standard follow up consultations have a Medicare rebate of $52.95 and billed using your Medicare card.

There is a gap payable for your session. If this is your first consultation, a full hour will be provided at our usual rate with subsequent follow-ups arranged with you following this. For senior/pension card holders, we offer a special rate, please contact us before booking.


Does Fighting Fit Bulk Bill?

No we are not a bulk billing clinic. Please respect this as we strongly beleive that quality health care is an investment and we will always provide the highest care in our exceptional facility. 

DVA - Department of Veterans Affairs

Fighting Fit is a provider of allied health care to all veterans. All our services, Physio, Exercise Physiology and Dietetics can be access with the correct D904 referral from your GP. 

What does it involve?

  • Discuss with you GP a referral for your conditions to Fighting Fit
  • Ensure you conditions are listed on the referral
  • List each service is listed by your GP that you require for the management of your conditions. 

We will take care of the rest. There is no out of pocket expense for DVA patients for their care. 

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Physiotherapy for WorkCover, MVA or Insurance

Fighting Fit Physiotherapy Gold Coast is an approved provider for Work Cover Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. Please bring with you’re your GP referral, current medical certificate and any documentation in regards to your injury.

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Strength and Conditioning Coaching

As the business name promotes, Fighting Fit also offers elite and general strength and conditioning sessions.

If you are:

  • Suffering an injury and need you to get back to peak fitness,
  • An elite athlete wanting to improve performance or
  • Want to reduce the incidence of injury

We provide specific injury pre-screening or S&C coaching sessions and specialist periodised programing to improve your sport performance


Weight Lifting Assessment

  • Do you suffer pain with lifting in the gym?
  • Unsure of the correct technique and form?
  • Have you suffered and injury lifting and want to make sure it never happens again?

Then this session is for you. Come and have a full comprehensive assessment of the lift/s of you choice under the guidance of a physiotherapist and strength and conditioning coach with 15 years experience in lifting. You will completely analyse your lift with the latest in technolgy so you can lift optimally, pain and injury FREE.