TMJ Pain or Dysfunction

27 JAN

TMJ Pain or Dysfunction

By Dean Phelps on Tuesday, 27th of January    Tag: Jaw Pain, TMD, TMJ pain, Tempromandibular Joint Dysfunction,

An uncomfortable issue that physio can help with and make life that bit easier

The Temporomandibular Joint

It is a very complex little joint and one that when it gets painful can affect two of the most important functions as humans. The ability to eat and speak without pain is a daily thing, but when all of a sudden it becomes painful or difficult it makes life a lot harder.
The joint itself is quite a complex design for movement and power, it is densly innovated with sensory nerves and a disc to provide a spacer between two connecting bones that need to move. There can also be influences from the cervical spine and neck musclulature that exaccerbate or compound the problem.
TMJ pain or dysfunction can be painful due to a number of reasons. The joint may be stiff (hypromible) and not moving correctly, it may be hypermobile (move too much) or it may have a painful click or locking. None are much fun! Many people suffer brusism (grinding of the teeth) or clentching as a result of stress, anxiety or worry. These also place this small joint in over load and can also cause TMJ pain or Dysfunction over time.
Jaw pain is more common then peope think, and one that physio can assist with great success. Not many people realise that physiotherapist can work with people suffering TMJ pain or TMD (D is for dysfunction). But the jaw is just another joint in the body, it just happens to be on your face!

What can Fighting Fit Physio do to help?

  • Mobilise a stiff or painful joint using specialised manual therapy techniques for the TMJ
  • Identify factor/s that influence or cause the problem
  • Provide specific exercises to address control, hypo or hyper mobility
  • Provide assitance post dental procedures where TMJ/TMD pain is been implicated

If you suffer TMJ/TMD related issues and have any questions feel free to conact the clinic and discuss at any time or book online



Dean Phelps - Head Physiotherapy

Dean is a registered Gold Coast Physiotherapist with undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Human Movement and Exercise Science. His background has developed his vision for Fighting Fit Physiotherapy to focus on optimal health and peak physical performance for every single patient. Utilising his many qualifications, in depth knowledge of the body and passion for exercise he can provide a holistic approach to your treatment and exercise prescription to get the best outcome.


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