Is there a difference between a car and your exercise routine?

12 NOV

Is there a difference between a car and your exercise routine?

By Dean Phelps on Thursday, 12th of November    Tag: Avoid Injury, Exercise, Train Hard and Smart,

An interesting thought on exercise, human movement and your trusty daily driver.

Funny concept coming up on a physio blog, but this comes from a conversation I had with a mechanic today.

I asked him would you flog your car if you knew the engine wasn’t in time? What if the tune wasn’t spot on, would you give it hell and expect it to last?

His reply “of course not, it would shit itself!”

This was in fact an interesting analogy on exercise.

I see people flogging themselves with many different forms of exercise these days which results in pain and injury.  

Exercise should not cause injury or pain, so WHY DOES IT?

Because the timing is out!

Most people don’t realize that their timing or tune is not right with their body movement or exercise patterns A car will make funny noises and run horribly giving us a clue that something is a miss and we need to get it fixed.

The body on the other hand might not make any noise, but if pushed hard enough, for long enough while the timing is out, eventually it ends up shitting itself and causing injury.

You might be able to drive your body like this for weeks, months or even years, but at some point something will give, just like your engine in the car. 


Dean Phelps - Head Physiotherapy

Dean is a registered Gold Coast Physiotherapist with undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Human Movement and Exercise Science. His background has developed his vision for Fighting Fit Physiotherapy to focus on optimal health and peak physical performance for every single patient. Utilising his many qualifications, in depth knowledge of the body and passion for exercise he can provide a holistic approach to your treatment and exercise prescription to get the best outcome.


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