Building power of your back for MMA and BJJ

05 JAN

Building power of your back for MMA and BJJ

By Dean Phelps on Sunday, 5th of January    Tag: MMA, Strength and Conditioning,

Here is a video we did a few months back!

This is a sessions that works wonders for building strength, power or explosiveness off your back in BJJ or MMA. It is a specific set of exercises developed to mimic an escape from being caught in mount or even side control. Developing a strong hip and press around a solid core from these specific movements transfers directly to your ground game. Its a simple and effective session with a target purpose to "get off your back!".

Be technical with your lifts here, use your strength and conditioning time to develop a weakness into a strength. Train smart to train hard! 

Enjoy, Im yet to find a fighter who doesn't walk away from this session feeling like that acheived something mean to their game!


Dean Phelps - Head Physiotherapy

Dean is a registered Gold Coast Physiotherapist with undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Human Movement and Exercise Science. His background has developed his vision for Fighting Fit Physiotherapy to focus on optimal health and peak physical performance for every single patient. Utilising his many qualifications, in depth knowledge of the body and passion for exercise he can provide a holistic approach to your treatment and exercise prescription to get the best outcome.


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