Dean Phelps is the owner and physiotherapist at Fighting Fit. My clinic has solid foundations as a humble, solo practitioner service that that individualised physiotherapy to the next level. My passion is providing detailed comprehensive assessments, treatments and management of injuries and all musculoskeletal conditions. 

Using vast the knowledge in physiotherapy and exercise science gained from 6 years study and 5 years in practice, I have merged the two professions with precision to gain the best possible outcome for my patients. I am constantly crossing over from physio to strength and conditioning coach in all consultations to improve patient function and gain optimal performance and execution of movement.

"Exercise is the best treatment a physio can offer!"

I also have had many years experience working in a multidisciplinary pain clinic, gaining invaluabe skills and knowlegde in the priciples of acute and chronic pain management. This has developed into being a unique practitioner that is firmly focus on outcomes and delivery of improving function and acheiving patient goals. 

"Pain is not to be feared, it is to be managed and conquered in life!"

I am also not one to shy away from anything martial arts! I am constantly training and honing my skills in the gym and with my many athletes while constantly developing new, exciting and specific exercises or programs to enhance their performance. With years of training, comes injury, I have had my fair share in the sport and worked with multiple big names from Australia to recover from their injuries. I understand the rigorous training load, constant desire to be fit, train hard and how to manage the sports specific injuries obtained in MMA. 

"One of the best feelings is seeing my athlete overcome an injury they initially though would end their fight camp!"

Sport is a big part of my life, but so is age and working with the lederly is another area that gets me excited when they hit the gym and reap the long term health benefitis of exercise and my unique appraoch to overcoming injury adversity, no matter how big or small the problem.

Outside of work, I am a dad to a beautiful active little guy who is always in the gym with me learning the craft of physical activity and exercise, even at 6 months of age. I enjoy rounds of golf most weekends and if I could surf everyday without working my life would be complete!

"I live and breathe to be Fighting Fit"



Jayme-Lee Wells is adds an array of talent to our physio team. Jayme graduated from Sydney University with a Masters of Physiotherapy in 2014 and has a special interest in neck pain, ankle injuries and post-operative rehabilitation.

Jayme is our head physio for Clinical Pilates. She has completed her full APPI matwork and equipment certification making her a very valuable contibutor to patient treatments. Being fully APPI qualified in clinical pilates makes her not just a physio running a pilates group like numerous other clinics do, but an abundance of knowledge and extra skills on top of being an awesome physio. Continual education forms a significant part of Jayme’s professional development with hopes to undertake a course in Women’s Health and Pregnancy at the end of 2017. So keep an eye out for that!

Outside of work Jayme enjoys taking her dog for runs and keeping herself fit and healthy. She is a keen lifter and boasts a decent dead lift and squat. Jayme is also an ex personal trainer, running her own business while going through physiotherapy studies, making her a perfect addition to our team and keeping you moving well and active through life. 





The team also consists of an awesome Exercise Physiologist, Chris Hunt. He is is the man in charge of Fighting Fit Exercise Physiology. Chris is a sport and exercise scientist with a special interest in strength and conditioning, as well as increasing athlete performance through periodised programming.

Chris is also masters trained Exercise Physiologist, this gives him a 'clinical' title and the ability to use condition specific assessment tools and develop specialized exercise treatment programs for every individual that walks through our doors.

As a Clinical Exercise Physiologist, Chris focus in the treatment of chronic diseases, chronic injuries, chronic pain and lifestyle modification. This includes reducing risk factors for developing comorbidities, chronic diseases and injuries that a person may be at high risk of.

Clinical Exercise Physiology treatment is available for all clientele including those covered by the Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA), Medicare: both EPC and Type 2 Diabetes Management Plans (T2DM), Work Cover, health insurance and private consltations.

Treatment will begins with a comprehensive initial assessment and gaining baseline data to see where you are at and how your conditions or health is affect by disease. We can then determine the best exercise therapy treatment for you with either individual sessions, group based exercise sessions or a combination of both, depending on the needs, our treatment plan and the goals of the patient.






Cate Brun is our Accredited Practising Dietitian here at Fighting Fit. Cate enjoys working with the general population in regards to weight loss, diabetes, children and adolescents and overall helping you achieve a healthier lifestyle. 

Cate has a special interest in the field of Sports Nutrition and enjoys working with athletes to help them get the most out of their nutrition to optimise performance.  

Cate can help you achieve your nutrition goals whether they are small or large. To get more out of life and optimize your overall nutrition consult Cate today!