About Fighting Fit

The idea for a boutique practice was always the dream, it took years of thought before a dream turned into reality. The dream was to combine the many qualifications a physiotherapist has to offer, not only place to go after an injury, but somewhere that promotes a lifestyle of health. The business had to provide a valuable experience of complete individualised care, a one on one enviornment where you interact at all times with the physio you came to see. The business must, and most importantly acheive the very best pateint outcomes covering all aspects of injury, fitness, health and lifestyle. 

The name had to match this vision and the overall goal of the clinic, it also had to have strong meaning and connection with my passions of using evidenced based practices and science toward gaining optimal health and fitness for all levels, ages, sports, conditions and importantly cover the uniqueness of each individual.

FIghitng Fit by the many definitions found means; In excellent health, extremely healthy, very fit, ready for action, in peak physical condition

The phrase originated in the boxing fraternity and is now a common saying in all sports and everyday life when promoting to others optimal physical condition and preparation. This was a perfect fit as it meet the mission and vision of the business as well as my long passion for training and working with athletes from all sports and particularly martial artists. 

Once a name was set, a venue was found and designed. Being individual and one on one there was no need for a huge space, however each component of the venue needed to fit every aim of the 'Fighting Fit Physiotherapy' dream and be able to live a vision. 

What we have for you is an easily accessible venue, plenty of off street parking, a quiet frontage that states you have reached your destination but does not scream desperare marketing. Upon entry, you begin the unqiue experience by being meet with a comfortable reception, a friendly face and you will begin to feel what we are all about. 

You will be meet by one of our awesome stagg and taken into a private treatment room. There are no curtains or awkward sharing of space here, only complete confidentiality for your pure one on one consultation. If it is your first time with new injury/condition a comprehensive consultation will take an hour so we can take the time to listen to you, your issue and provide the best plan. We will always provide your with the best practice treatment for you and your condition. There are no recipes at Fighting Fit, we only prescribe treatments that will work for you and tailored to your issues. A plan will be set and discussed thouroughly with you before your follow up consultation and then the begining of your journey to a better you begins!

You may then progress to our  'Strength and Rehab Lab', where you will be instructed correctly by a therapist with the highest of qualifications in exercise science to meet your specific individual exercise requirements. This is where the magic continues, progression is the most important aspect of your treatment. If your not progressing your not getting better, our gym is a private facility that is desiged to show you the best ways to progess with exercise and learn the correct way to move, add rresistance and progress through from easy more advanced exercises as you get better.




Gold Coast